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The latest work of the "Extreme Anal Expansion Series" thoroughly attacks and expands the beautiful buttocks with the participation of two female leads Akari Niimura and Reika Ochiai! The anus of two beautiful women is stretched with a giant arm-sized dildo, and anal pleasure is carved. Severe bloating, pain, pleasure, embarrassment... More than 3 hours of clearly stretching the anus to the limit ●The scene was recorded. Of course, it will be offered in full anal length! Akari Niimura…… Since her debut, she has appeared in many hardworking works with outstanding looks. Even though she has helped release the sperm of the world's men, she has a lot of anal experience and has only had a few in her private life. Reika Ochiai … At first glance, Reika seems to be a quiet sister but in reality, she is an aggressive erotic woman who goes to debauchery events alone. I have experienced anal many times, but I have not experienced climax there.

ACZD-131 Magic dildo
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