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I've lived nearly half my life but still don't know what it feels like to have a girlfriend. Suddenly today a colleague came to confess to me, I finally have a girlfriend! But since then, my boss's attitude towards me has also changed. Wait! I already have a girlfriend. But no matter what I said, my boss still decided to take off my clothes, suck my cock and ordered me to fuck and squirt into her pussy right in the office! The first time I had a girlfriend, I thought I would have a happy day with her, but reality was far different from my imagination. Because I was groped by my boss's sexy body, I couldn't get an erection when I was with my girlfriend. My boss made me sleep with him while my girlfriend was working nearby! The feeling of guilt was gradually taken over by pleasure, I frantically slept with my boss and ejaculated countless waves of sperm into her uterus. Perhaps, the distance between me and my girlfriend is getting bigger, I can't be with her anymore.

A secret affair with a lewd female boss while her lover is fast asleep
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